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To create lasting bonds, one must understand where customers are headed and how to meet them there.

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Whether Corporate, eCommerce or Reference site, we produce a functional, intuitive, and of course, beautiful web presence.

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When we pitch, prospects listen.

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Video Production

Video Production

Whether it’s a full scale national campaign, a product instructional or a viral video, we specialize in high quality production.

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We love what we do & we do it well.

‘The hallmark of success for Bernard & Associates has been achieved in advertising through the great partnerships only they are capable of orchestrating.’  – Doug Painter, Former NSSF President

‘One of the best decisions we’ve made was bringing B+A on board 20 years ago. They have played a critical role in making Sporting Classics what it is today.’ – Chuck Weschler, Sporting Classics Magazine

‘Since B+A came on board we have seen a significant increase in our bottom line. Industry knowledge, relationships & modern strategy make them a one of a kind asset.’ – Jack Homa, ESP

Like a guide in the wilderness, Bernard + Associates leads outdoor business clients to stunning results.’

– Susan LaPierre, Co-Chair, NRA Women’s Leadership Forum

‘Selling conservation takes a special level of skill and understanding. Fortunately for us, B+A is exceptional at what they do.’

– Keith Balfourd, The Boone and Crockett Club

‘B+A has been a great asset to our company. Over the last 4 years they’ve helped us in many ways. Our last 4 years have been our best 4 years.’

– Tim Coggins, DNZ Products

‘In today’s world of marketing, there are a lot of choices for budgets. It really helps to have a partner like B+A to help guide us through whats best for the brand.’

– Dean Capuano, Swarovski

  • Doug Painter
  • Chuck Weschler
  • ESP
  • Susan LaPierre
  • Boone and Crockett
  • DNZ Products
  • Swarovski


Get to know the starting 5 and our mascots.

Susan Bernard

Susan Bernard

"Queen B"

  • Sales 110%
  • Online Shopping Willpower 26%
  • Faxing 87%
  • Trap Shooting 94%
Jeff Thruston

Jeff Thruston


  • Copy Writing 96%
  • Vacation Packing 29%
  • Strategy 96%
  • Guitar Noodling 86%
Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes

Creative Director

  • Adobe CS 96%
  • #SocialMedia 95%
  • Beach Volleyball 74%
  • Decisiveness 50%
Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh

Senior Account Executive

  • Public Relations 92%
  • Scary Movies 16%
  • Organization 93%
  • Networking 99%
Zack Chappellone

Zack Chappellone

Communications Coordinator

  • Communications 96%
  • #SocialMedia 94%
  • Karaoke 33%
  • Storytelling 88%
Britta & Nikko

Britta & Nikko

Team Pups

  • Begging 100%
  • Begging ROI 100%
  • Patience 11%